The Healthcare (sick care) System in America is a GIANT SCAM!


Basically you have 2 giant Wall Street companies that own at least part of every healthcare system in the United States. Not some, every single one. Those 2 companies are Blackstone and Vanguard with Blackstone having just purchased TeamHealth for 6.1 Billion. TeamHealth is the largest medical staffing agency in the US so there’s a good chance your doctor or nurse is employed by them.

As you’ll see in the video below TeamHealth overcharges by up to 95% and up to 9 times what Medicare will pay out. This is done by design as one of their own executives say they will charge whatever the market will bear, it has nothing to do with the actual cost of treatment. Sadly this is just one part of the massive scam that is called “healthcare” in the USA. They should really call it sick care because that’s what they’re doing, keeping you sick while managing your symptoms which they call “managing your disease”.

That is the business model for healthcare in America, to keep you on the edge of being sick all of the time so that you’re dependent on them and their “treatments” which will most likely end in your early grave.

If we truly had a healthcare system it would be affordable, most of the synthetic drugs and vaccines would be deemed dangerous and of no use and thrown into the trash heap. The system would focus on diet, exercise and whole body health. Drugs would only be used as a last resort for life saving measures, not daily toxic treatments. I will be reporting much more on this topic in the near future and in the process I’ll be exposing more of the scam they call healthcare in America.

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