They are Laughing at You

I have another good video from Hugo Talks and today he shows you what Elon Musk really plans to do with Twitter.

Bitchute link
Remember who it is that they serve. They always show you who they are.


  • Thank you for sharing this video!!

  • How Can People Not See And Feel That When Someone is a ( Super) Rich Elitest …. Who Has been Using The Masses to become A Billionaire…… , That Something Really Isn’t Right About him ????
    Bill Gates, Used the Masses to become Super Rich Elitest!!!
    Same EVIL, Different Snake 🐍 Skin …
    Everything he’s doing is to Further the New World Order!!!
    And World Leaders, … Won’t Mess with him!!
    Think about This One for a few minutes before You Fall for the Big Lie!!
    Eyes 👀👁️ to See and Ears To Hear…..
    This is Exactly What the Bible Warns us About!!
    Talk about Great Deception Indeed Brother 💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • Thanks for Video was suspended from Twitter for spreading info on the War in Ukraine and Russia and what NATO is up too translated in Japanese and spread it far and wide finally the Japanese are waking up but 80% of the population has been 💉 3 times so now I hear daily constant ambulances Your info has been greatly appreciated keep up the Great Work God Bless.

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