82% of Americans Believe that Inflation is Caused by Corporations Jacking up Prices…

82% is a large group all right

One doesn’t have to look very far to understand that the American people are, as a whole very dumb. This poll drives that point home. The dumbing down of the school system in America has worked well. Here is more from the website common dreams.

On the heels of fresh data showing that the U.S. inflation rate jumped to a new 40-year high last month, a new survey found that more than 80% of American voters believe costs are rising in part because “big corporations are jacking up prices” while raking in record profits.

Released Friday by the advocacy group Fight Corporate Monopolies, the poll showed that 82% of registered U.S. voters blame big companies for at least some of the recent inflation spike and want elected officials to “take on powerful CEOs and rein in corporate greed to lower prices.”

“Rising prices is the top economic issue for most voters, and they want elected officials to challenge corporate greed to lower prices,” Helen Brosnan, executive director of Fight Corporate Monopolies, said in a statement. “Political leaders should directly address rising prices, release plans to combat corporate greed’s role in driving prices higher, and put forth arguments that center CEOs and big corporations.”

Some statistics to back it up!

The new survey, based on a sample size of 1,000 respondents, comes as progressives in Congress continue spotlighting corporate price-gouging as a key culprit behind rising prices nationwide even as the White House abandons that narrative, despite data indicating it resonates with voters. Read the rest by CLICKING HERE.

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  • And Some of us have been Paying Attention for the last few years and…. Know we’ve been headed here….. Way before the Ukraine Narrative brother 💯❤️🙏👍

  • 100% brother, people are lead around by doctrines of demons like a bull is lead around by it’s nose ring.

  • yeah, duh, and almost 100 percent, cant even focus, to drive safely, on the roads, forever, , even before fake covid., , as bible says theres nothing new under the sun., thats all ya gotta know., one day at a time, , the rest is gravy. for real.

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