“Russia’s Existence is at Stake” Putin Calls for General Mobilization and Order for War Economy

Drums of war are getting LOUD

There is even talk of nationalizing the railroads and private transportation in order to keep the war supplies flowing to the front. This isn’t about the war with Ukraine, this is about war with NATO aka WW3 which could be only days away!

I translated this from warnews247 for your convenience. YouTube wouldn’t even let me share the link which I found strange so here is the story.

Russia is preparing to proceed with a general mobilization, fully mobilizing Russian society, the economy and the country’s reserves.

This is now the only way to win the war in Ukraine as the conflict is about to turn into a Russia-NATO conflict.

The beginning was made by the Speaker of the Russian Upper House and permanent member of the Russian National Security Council, Valentina Matviyenko, who spoke about the “economy of war mobilization”.

A top adviser to Putin said that “the existence of Russia is now at stake.”

In the same vein, analysts on Russian state television began preparing society for a nationwide military mobilization. In fact, there were characteristic phrases such as “for the sake of Victory we must offer everything in the homeland, including our children”.

Vladimir Soloviev spoke of “a war not against the Nazi Ukrainians but a great war against the West, economic, ideological and military.”

Adviser Putin: The existence of Russia is at stake

Medinsky is one of the leading influencers in Putin’s worldview on Ukraine, he made a significant statement which was published in all major Russian media.

“Russia’s very existence is at stake today,” said the head of the Russian delegation in talks with Ukraine and former Culture Minister Medinsky.

He specifically said:

“The collective West is pushing Russia to destruction, the very existence of the country as a Russian culture is at stake today.

I see some analogies with our history. “The time of problems, on the eve of February 1917, in 1989, the collapse of the USSR, the destruction of the country,” said Medinsky.

The current events are the result of 15 years of “brainwashing with an alternative history” in Ukraine, in which “Russia has been an enemy since time immemorial.”

“Economy of war mobilization”

At the same time, the President of the Council of the Russian Federation Matviyenko spoke about the acquisition by the government of freight wagons for the use of the Army.

Wagons are needed to transport cargo from the Russian Railways.

He made the announcement in a harsh speech on March 22, using words such as “economy of war mobilization” and “duty of the state.”

Russian media comment that “the sudden harsh attack of the speaker of the Federal Council Valentina Matviyenko against the private operators of wagons surprised many”.

Industry regulators will work to create a “unified body to solve government problems”.

The initiative to unify the fleet of freight wagons under the control of the Russian Railways, which was sharply expressed on March 22 by Valentina Matvienko, has come to fruition.

The government appealed to the Ministry of Transport, the Federal Antitrust Service, JSC Russian Railways and the Union of Railway Transport Operators (SOZHT) by April 10 to “work out and provide an agreed position for the creation of a unified fleet.” to ensure socially important transportation and the fulfillment of state duties “.

Matvienko proposed the idea in a meeting of senators with Oleg Belozerov, head of the Russian Railways JSC, and accompanied her speech with harsh criticism in private:

“They won a lot, having received wagons almost free of charge from the state. Enough, now. “Those who show responsibility remain in the market, and those who do not do so, thank you. Goodbye. They do not work that way in a war mobilization economy. The railway must always perform its duties strictly during the mobilization period . “

Oleg Belozerov proposed “to allocate a separate rolling stock to the inventory fleet – these are wagons that used to belong to the Ministry of Railways – but let the 10% be given to JSC Russian Railways, managed by JSC Russian Railways”.

But Ms Matvienko replied: “Maybe, under these circumstances, everything should be transferred to the management of the Russian Railways? “Let them make a profit, no one is talking about leaving or nationalizing now.”

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