The Global Elites Next Move? The Weaponization of Food and the Destruction of the US Supply Chain

In tonight’s video we discuss what the next moves of the global elite will be, mainly the weaponization of food and the final destruction of the supply chain!

Yes after the US Supreme Court rules in FAVOR of the Biden vaccine mandate (how can they not?) the trucking industry stands to lose 37% of their workforce! That’s over 2 million drivers in an industry that is 80,000 drivers short than before the scamdemic.

So get ready for all kinds of hell to break loose once the store shelves are empty and the gas stations are closed. Prayed up and PREPPED UP from here on out guys! The global elites endgame is now playing out in real time. My video on these subjects are below and the source links are below the video. God bless and stay ready!

Two Weeks To Prepare!

Weaponization of Food Article

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  • watch what they do not what they say or hide behind , gill bates for example , if he is investing in farming and pharma , guess what will be used to control people and get wealthy , , , can you just imagine the kickbacks, bribes and money laundering going to politicians to pull this off on a global scale ?

  • I quit watching Alex Jones because of his use of vulgarity. Thank God for your channel. Here in Philippines we are slowly recovering from hurricane Odette. We might get power today but we have gotten used to vegetable oil lamps and no refrigerator. I need you johnny. Stay long as you can bringing us updates.

  • FYI: Canada has passed a law making it illegal to save, reuse, exchange, and sell seeds.
    I have been telling people this for the past 6 years, but no one believed it would ever happen in the US. I couldn’t even get family onboard. So, last year, after tired of waiting for help, I built a log raised garden enclosed completely with strong fencing. (I live where animals need to be kept out) Bought organic heirloom seeds, veggies and healing herbs, and bought mylar bags with oxygen absorbers for dried foods. Bought containers of prepping foods, much cheaper than the prepackaged ones per meal, and filled my large freezer with meat from my local butcher after getting a vacuum sealer which will keep the meats fresh for well over a year. Bought bulk of health and hygiene products a well. The Lord had been telling me for years what to do, but I was trying to get others onboard to work together. Finally, after time spent in prayer, my instincts said just do it on your own. God always knows best, but sometimes we get so busy, we push what we hear on the backburner. I thank my Lord everyday for warning me and giving me the time to prepare for all of this. If necessary, I can hunt or fish, but will never run out of veggies. I have natural spring water running out of the mountain, so water is not a problem either. Also, enough solar to run a frig. Wish I could afford enough to run a house, but food was more important. I kept hearing your words Johnny, stay prepped up and prayed up. Words to live by and led me to get the job finished. Thank you. You truly are God-given and I appreciate all you do!

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