This goes along with the other research I’ve been doing! Robert Duncan explains how they used these programs up until now and all that the scientists really needed to perfect this mind control technology was NANOTECHNOLOGY that could penetrate into every cell and now they have it with the “vaccines”.

I didn’t put this on the YT channel because they’re just itching to give me a 3rd strike. This video is borderline these days. Here we can watch it censorship free. God bless and stay ready!

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  • Christopher Horner

    Ya know stuff like this just solidifies my personal feelings on the futility of mans attempts to be like the most high. What does Psalm 2 say about stuff like this? God laughs.

  • There are antennas in jab

  • Antennas in jab seen by scientists

  • I belive the targeted individuals were the test subjects for population control. It is diabolical and definitely satanic. So much torture is involved its disgusting. They even get your family to participate in it. They only way out of this mess of a world is through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. He’s coming back very soon!!

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