Trump Fulfills Another Antichrist Prophecy

Here is the latest from Leeland Jones.


Yes Trump is the antichrist and I’ve been saying it for over 3 years. Here are 45 BIBLICAL reasons Trump is the AC.

And here is one of my playlists on the subject.

God bless and stay ready! Time is short

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One comment

  • I suspect he just might be! But you miss the telling reason in your list.

    Antichrist takes a fatal wound to head. Dies. Comes back.

    Knocked out of presidency. Ego given a good fatal whack inbthe view of the public.
    Pretty much goes away after losing court case after court case.
    Hasnt yet but will bounce back to leadership. Starts with the Truth Media platform which will be huge!
    Folks worldwide getting tired of all the tyrant covid crap and global uprising starts. World goes insane with violence.
    He hits center stage again with the new govt system which promises world peace blah blah blah in which he is “president”.
    Nearly everyone will jump on board being tired n worn out of all the insane violence. They will be at such an emotional low they’ll hail him as if hes the almighty.
    New eutopian govt system comes with a lil catch!
    You need a lil mark to prove your membership. A tattoo with rfid nano technology ink….used like your debit card.

    Anyway…just my mumblings….

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