• Leeland, you were talking about Rev.14, and you said types and shadows, guys, it’s a mystery. Ok, let me try to explain, what’s been going on since 03-08-2005. A first visit from God of several others. We (not the 7-8 billion people, but selected few) have been forfilling scriptures as per the Lord. We did the Ezek. Ch.4, as we say outside our church for 5years and 6 months. Seperated from intimacy for 11 years. Did the Job, boils for a month. Did the Gideon, do this and do that, and yes God did. And many other things, that would consume time. As God told us, that we were reading about ourselves, even Hough our names are not mentioned in scriptures., we had to forfill things, in part and not in whole. The next two events in waiting on is PENTECOST and Exodus. So, you want to talk about types and shadows, we are living it.

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  • https://hiddeninthecrag.com/2017/02/25/mt-zion-or-mt-sion/amp/

    HERMON Siy’on

    Not Tsiyown

    The lamb stands on Siy’on

    This is the reversing of Hermon from the fallen coming down why Jesus was transfigured there.

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  • Shalom Leeland,
    May Abba bless you every day! Do you have a video or notes about the 7,000 vs the 144,000? The Bible talks about the 7,000 as being a remnant – 1 Kings 19:18, Romans 11:4. Are we still waiting to see the great earthquake where the 7,000 ascend or is this prophesy waiting to happen before the Day of the Lord?

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