Mexican Cable Company Pushes the Vax and Tries to Normalize the Magnetism

As we reported back in May of this year (and even earlier) in this report that the hydrogel they’re injecting into people and calling it a vaccines is actually nanotechnology. It assembles inside of you and forms into a microchip of sorts which also makes you a 5G and a Bluetooth antennae.

I took some serious trolling and teasing over that story but now it seems I’ve got some vindication via an article I found on Hal Turner. It appears that a Mexican cable company is now pushing the vaccine in this commercial and in this same commercial they also try to normalize the magnetism the vaccine causes! They’re not even trying to hide this anymore but I guarantee you the mainstream media would still call it a conspiracy theory or tell us it’s harmless. Right.

A TV advertisement for the Mexican Company Megacable shamelessly offers a free ZTE (Chinese brand) Smartphone to recently covid-19 vaccinated people, and also shows brazenly the magnetic effect as a way to verify that the person is vaccinated, by requiring them to show a coin sticks to the vax spot!

The genie was let out of the bottle when a national daytime talk show tried to debunk the vaccine magnetism and ended up with vaxxed people in the audience that had magnets and cell phones stick. The hosts were obviously terrified because they did not expect it to be true and they cut the segment short. This did so much damage to the acceptance of the vax that now Megacable is making it look FUN!!! Gotta normalize it by joking about it.

Yep they’re trying to normalize it by joking about it and eventually they’ll sell it as the way to transhumanism and human evolution and the only way you’ll be able to participate in their new world order. They’ll say things like “we need to leave the old ways behind and evolve as our alien masters want us to” etc. I think you get the point. I believe they will tie this in with the alien deception that is coming (they are demons) and say the jabs will not only keep you safe from Covid but are also the key to hooking up with their new cloud system and be “plugged in”. Those who won’t comply will be sent to camp and just like the roach motel you don’t check out.

Of course I’m speculating a bit in the paragraph above but we are being injected with a genetic transformation shot and if your body won’t adapt to it then you will die from it which is also part of the idea. We know that FEMA style camps are being built around the world and they are calling them “quarantine camps” and saying that we need them in our new post covid world to protect the good of the many. No, these camps will be “get jabbed or be executed” camps and the world will cheer as the “selfish old world order people” are exterminated.

Of course that will include born again believers in Jesus Christ who know that this is the Mark of the Beast and will refuse to take it. Some of us will be martyred in this way as a testimony against the world and its systems and how our faith in Jesus Christ will lead us to our eternal life and home! The world will definitely cheer for the deaths of the true believers as we will be shown to be “intolerant”, “selfish” and not “Christ like” because we won’t play Russian Roulette with our bodies and take the death shot/mark of the beast.

Remember what Jesus said “They will put you out of the synagogue; in fact, the time is coming when anyone who kills you will think they are offering a service to God.” John 16:2

They will kill believers for the reasons I mentioned above and the “woke” crowd and their mob mentality shows you where this is going! Anyone who won’t take the vax for the “greater good” is a selfish a hole who needs to be canceled and/or killed! That is where this is going, make no mistake about it!

Be on the alert, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. 1 Corinthians 16:13

Here is a compilation video of the magnets sticking to folks who have had the vax.

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  • Biblical Events Like this One…..
    Will Not Stop Until It’s Fulfilled!!!
    Yet , Thank God , Through Jesus Christ….
    Who Gave His Life, And Blood for My Sins …
    And defeated Death and The Grave ….
    Rose from Death on the 3 rd day….
    Guess what….
    We have Nothing to be Afraid of….
    This isn’t Our Home!!
    Ask Him Into your heart and Have your Eyes Opened ….
    May The Lord Jesus Christ is Glorified 🙏💯

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