Charts and Diagrams

Ezekiel Temple Calendar Overlay

On the Channel you’ll notice frequent use of Diagrams to help illustrate prophetic concepts. In this post, there will be a resource for all of the charts. Print them in color.

¤ First, the Channel on YouTube has 600 videos and 40-50 Playlist. In order to structure the content, please use this Organization Chart

Also for a list of Playlists with Notes refer to the Resources Page:

¤ A fascinating study and fulfillment of prophecy is found in the Menorah and the design of almond blossoms being Solar and Lunar Eclipses.

7 Sided Pattern

¤ You’ll notice frequent use of the 7 Sided Pattern and this PDF provides the examples of this design in Zech 3 called “7-sided stone.”

¤ Here’s the 7 good years and 7 bad years in the 7 Sided Pattern along with more Menorah and Calendar Charts.

See also the Calendar Resources Page:

Chariot of Cherubim

¤ Heavenly Pattern is the Order of Cherubim around the Throne.

¤ 14 Year King (Esther) Timeline

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