Alberta Canada Ends ALL Mandates Thanks to Patrick King

I’m posting the interview that Stew Peters did with Patrick King of Alberta Canada. In this interview he goes through the details of his ordeal with the government of Alberta and even the Queen of England herself! This is an amazing story and quite a breakthrough as the government was FORCED TO ADMIT that they have NOT ISOLATED the Sars Cov2 virus also called Covid 19.

This is the very definition of “News you’re not supposed to speak about” and it will be preserved here. I found the video at this link if you prefer to watch it on brand new tube.

Victory in Alberta!

Just to show you that this is the real deal, here is a supporting article showing you that all of the restrictions were removed! Praise God the truth is coming out! Share this far and wide!

JASON FRANSON/The Canadian Press

Alberta will no longer require people who test positive for COVID-19 to isolate and will stop routine testing for mild symptoms, as new infections increase and a British Columbia region reimposes measures such as mandatory masking.

Dr. Deena Hinshaw, the province’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, announced the changes on Wednesday as she said it is time to treat COVID-19 as a long-term part of life in Alberta, similar to how the province approaches other respiratory viruses. Alberta will also stop contact tracing except for high-risk settings and masks will no longer be required in schools when classes resume in September.

B.C., meanwhile, reimposed mask requirements in the province’s Okanagan region in response to a spike in cases there. Non-essential travel into the region is being discouraged and activities in nightclubs will be limited.

Alberta has taken the most aggressive approach in the country to moving past COVID-19 measures and became the first in the country to lift almost all of its restrictions.

Most of the changes take effect on Aug. 16. You can read the rest of the story HERE.

Although they are lifting all of the mandates the government still won’t admit that they were LYING THE ENTIRE TIME! Wow think of the lawsuits that are coming! That’s why war is coming soon. It’s because their Covid narrative is falling apart and this court case will speed up that process. Here is what health director Dr. Dina Hinshaw had to say when giving her statements to the press.

“When we heard of COVID-19, we knew little of the virus and we had no treatments and no vaccines,” she said. “This meant we needed to enact unprecedented measures to protect human life and to prevent our health care systems form being overwhelmed. We have made incredible sacrifices. Today we are in a very different place.” Right. These measures were never needed and they know it.

This story SHOULD spread like wildfire but the media giants and internet giants will try to suppress it so please share share share! God bless and stay ready! Prayed up and prepped up at all times!


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