BEWARE and Protect Yourself From “Shedding”

The stories I’m starting to come across on social media and videos are this are horrifying! This is the mark of the beast guys, there is no way around it. You are putting your trust in MAN and in THIS WORLD and by doing so you have been changed at the genetic level FOREVER. You are now unacceptable to God. As you will hear in this video from FEAR NO MAN YT channel, the vaccinated are even starting to SMELL BAD!

I’ve shared the video here on the website because I have a bad feeling it will be taken down from YT. I hope not but just in case I downloaded it as well so I can re-upload it if it does go down.

Prayed up and prepped up! Time is short!

UPDATE! Nurse explains the shedding process including the rank smell!

Nurse Warns You to Stay From the Vaxxed!

Fear No Man YT Channel

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Here is her bitchute video link. I don’t know if she has a website or not.


  • I just listened to the nurse then went to her website and I read all these symptoms women are getting. Now the part of the bible that says menstruous women will give birth to monsters makes sense! One woman is 16 weeks pregnant with heavy bleeding but the fetus is OK. Check out her website & click the link stay away

    • Chuck Whitson

      I have unexpected and unexplained terrible foot pain including swelling, and it does coincidence within a week of being around 4-5 jabbed

      • I’m so very sorry Chuck. I hope you do not get the next jab. If it’s this bad after the first, it may be much worse after the second. Please don’t get it!

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