Full UFO Disclosure From all US Government Agencies is Due June 1st 2021

Photo by James Lee on Pexels.com

Full disclosure regarding UFO’s is due from the Pentagon on June 1st, 2021 in the USA. I have been wondering a couple of different things regarding this subject. One is what will be revealed? Will they have a grey alien or a tall white alien standing next to them? Then what do we see AFTER disclosure has been made? I guess that’s three questions so far but I have many more. One thing I do believe that will happen is the fake alien invasion, also called Project Blue Beam. It may have been changed since the name was first revealed back in the early 90s, but the goals of the project would remain the same. Trick humanity into believing that everything they’ve been told is a lie, the real “gods” are the aliens, they created us blah blah blah.

The goal here of course is to morph all of the worlds major religions into one giant unity religion with the false prophet (The next Pope) as the head of this new religion. Pope Francis has already been hard at work trying to unite the 3 major religions and with the new disclosures they will try even harder. This of course will result in war, chaos and death for awhile until the nations are exhausted. Then the plan is to move everyone into the NWO government and religion. Now we are starting to see why Deagle.com’s predictions on population in the USA may be true after all!

Uh oh!

Below is my video where I briefly detail Project Blue Beam and what it can and will do in the near future. It gets into voice to skull tech, nanotech, and much more!

Full Disclosure June 1 2021

I have also included a video about the fake alien invasion that goes into more detail and has some great production behind it.

From the What We Know YT Channel

And there you go, now you’ve got something else to share with fellow believers! We need to be ready for this by staying CLOSE TO JESUS at all times in prayer, seeking His wisdom and discernment especially now! That’s why I say prayed up first because we never know what’s coming next and we don’t want to be deceived.

Project Blue Beam History


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  • Very interesting perspectives and of course there’s always a chance that some of this may come true. Although the collective conscious might not agree at this moment that UFO and alien technology exist. A better understanding of consciousness and science from these new visitors (UFO’s/UAP’s) could be on our doorstep‘s very soon. But there is a real chance that our visitors from a far could catapult our human species into one of harmony and interconnectedness just in time to save ourselves. Know that all the prayer and meditation might raise our frequency and positive energy, yet alone will not be enough to shift us out of this 3-D virtual simulation. We need to master Consciousness and the origins of life to solve the current world problems and continue human life on this planet or others. Keep up the harmony and positive perspective because experience in Consciousness at the end of the day is all we really have. – Zopa Jiko

  • personally, i hope june 1st comes and goes, like all the rest, , thats what the space needle show in jan. 21 was all about, complete propoganda, from womb to tomb, it had everything they want , plan to do in it., all the occult, symbols, , the dna strands, the needle goin through the dna strands, and ending with the scaceship crap., that wasnt the holograms, that was cgi and sky mapping, but ive seen enough holograms images, , over the years, and we know, between the anti gravity craft theyve had forever, including 747s, micheal wiese, from disclosure radio, the video doesnt lie, and all this other stuff, turning the skys into a giant plasma screen, for the show., theyve been using them at sports stadiums, the lords been opening eyes up , these last few years for a lot of folks, god bless you and yours. ruth d.

  • June 2nd here, still nothing!

  • 1st – 1I/2017 U1
    2nd – 2014 UN271
    Both objects interstellar from OUTSIDE our Solar System.
    Hubble live feed taken offline over a computer glitch.

    Draw your own conclusions.

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