CV-19 Vaccines Can Re-programme DNA Which Can Then Remotely Control The Human Mind And Body!

The proof is out there if we’re willing to find it and look at it! Luke 8:17 puts it this way “For nothing is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light.” It’s all coming to light but you will need to pray for God’s wisdom and discernment so that you’re not deceived! Do not take these jabs, they are NOT vaccines! Look at the technology in the video below. I found this in my Twitter feed this morning.

We have discussed similar things before on the main channel on the “Nanotechnology and Viruses” video series. Two of those videos are now on the Bitchute channel which I will link below. God bless and please share this post with everyone you know! DO NOT TAKE THE JAB!


Nanotech and Viruses, What you Don’t Know Can Kill You!

My video from last year

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