Forget Covid, The Global Elites are Now Warning us About a Cyber Pandemic

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The exercise/event is called “Cyber Polygon” and it will take place this July. It is being sponsored by the WEF (World Economic Forum) and this is what they will focus on during the simulated cyber attack. This is from their website.

“Cyber Polygon 2021 will draw together leading global experts to discuss the key risks posed by digitalisation and share best practices in developing secure ecosystems. During the technical exercise, the participants will practise mitigating a targeted supply chain attack on a corporate ecosystem.”

Also from Technocracy news: Last year, the World Economic Forum teamed up with the Russian government and global banks to run a high-profile cyberattack simulation that targeted the financial industry, an actual event that would pave the way for a “reset” of the global economy. The simulation, named Cyber Polygon, may have been more than a typical planning exercise and bears similarities to the WEF-sponsored pandemic simulation Event 201 that briefly preceded the COVID-19 crisis.

Sound familiar? I think we all know what happened a few months after Event 201. Check out the rest of the story in my video below. I will also link the articles below. God bless and stay ready!

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