Has World War 3 Already Begun but No ONe Recognizes It?

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Have the first shots of WW3 been fired but in cyberspace instead of the physical one like we expected? It appears that may be so as I’ve been gathering evidence for it from around the internet.

I found my first lead from RT who quoted the NY Times story last Sunday in which it talked about the Biden administration’s goal of waging covert cyber warfare against Russia. Here’s a bit from that story from RT.

In a front-page story, the New York Times disclosed that the Biden administration was planning a range of “clandestine” cyber-attacks targeting Russia, ostensibly in retaliation for Russia’s alleged role in masterminding the SolarWinds hack that continues to resonate across the United States. According to the Times, these attacks are expected to unfold over the course of the next three weeks and are “intended to be evident to President Vladimir V. Putin and his intelligence services and military but not to the wider world.” These attacks, the Times notes, will most likely be combined with other actions by the Biden administration, including additional economic sanctions against Russia, and actions to “harden” US government networks against future attacks.”

First of all the US has never presented any evidence that it was truly Russia that was responsible for the Solar Winds hack, especially when the password was solwarwinds123. When you make it that easy the culprit could be anyone and the Trump administration made a case for China, so no one really knows who was responsible but it compromised the infrastructure of the United States. The list of enemies with motives against the United States is long, including those who pretend to be their friends in the Middle East while cozying up to China. Israel anyone? Bueller? Anyone?

Next up we have Russian government websites going down shortly after these threats from the Biden Adminstration were issued. Here are some details on that front from metro.co.uk.

The Kremlin website has gone down days after the US warned of a cyber attack against Russia. The websites of the Government, Prime Minister, Roskomnadzor and other state departments were not opening on Wednesday morning. It comes after reports the US was preparing a retaliation cyber attack against Russia. White House officials told the New York Times that the first major move is expected over the next three weeks and that the Government was planning a ‘series of clandestine actions across Russian networks’. Sources said the actions would be less evident to outsiders but would send a clear signal to President Vladimir V. Putin and his officials. They added that cyber attacks could be combined with more economic sanctions.

Read more: https://metro.co.uk/2021/03/10/kremlin-website-goes-down-after-warning-of-us-cyber-attack-on-russia-14218133/?ico=more_text_links?ito=cbshare

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I have a question for the Biden Administration. Why in the world would you broadcast your “covert” plans of cyber warfare? Or any kind of warfare for that matter? Ladies and gentlemen I will say it again the United States has been slated for DESTRUCTION as it stands in the way of the New World Order and their “great reset”. All of the infrastructure of the US is compromised because of the Solar Winds Hack and now all an enemy has to do is click a mouse and start the shutdown of the grid. When I say grid I don’t just mean electricity. Don’t forget the hacking of the water system in FL just 15 miles from the Super Bowl. From the NY Times.

Now we go to the border of Germany and France where a huge data center has burnt to the ground and affected many of the top websites in the EU, including its biggest cloud data provider OHV. Here are more details on the fire and its implications for data in the EU right now.

VHcloud’s SBG2 data center in Strasbourg has been destroyed by a fire which also damaged SBG1. No one was hurt in the fire, but all four data centers on the site will be closed today.

The fire broke out just after midnight, on Wednesday morning, and took six hours to bring under control, with more than 100 firefighters at the scene. The five-story, 500 sq m SBG2 data center was destroyed, while SBG1 was seriously damaged. SBG3 and SBG4 were protected by the firefighters. The site is currently off-limits on Wednesday morning, and none of the data centers on the site will restart today, according to OVHcloud founder Octave Klaba.

Now was this related to the cyberwar that’s apparently going on between the US and Russia? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe that was just a coincidence but France and Germany are NATO members and as such Russia holds them accountable for the cyberwar as well. We shall see what happens after the investigate the cause of the fire further.

There are a lot of moves being made on the battlefields of the world as well. The Ukraine and Syria in particular. Keep your eyes on those regions and stay prayed up and prepped up as always!

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