Covid-19 Vaccine Tyranny in Israel Exposed, COming Soon to a Place Near You!

What is happening in Israel will soon be happening around the world as governments and corporations are collaborating like never before to get us our “vaccine passports”. Nations like Israel are using everything in their arsenal to force compliance up to and including not being able to work or to buy, sell or trade. Hmm sound familiar?

I got the video below from a subscriber so thank you once again for the tip! This is what’s happening in Israel and they’re also under extreme censorship with people even facing possible PROSECUTION for speaking out against the vaccines!

Link to original video HERE

To go along with that we have the new “Equality Act” that just passed the House and is now going up for vote in the Senate. Once passed its expected that Biden will sign (rubber stamp) it and it will become law. It completely infringes on your ability to openly practice the Christian faith as it will force churches from teaching that marriage is between a man and a woman, that homosexuality’s is a sin, etc. That video report is below as well.

Folks this is a full blown assault on born again believers in Jesus Christ. Soon everything related to Jesus and the Bible as its been taught for thousands of years will be considered offensive and illegal. The real Church will be preserved and His remnant will be cared for through it all but some of us will suffer great tribulations in prison while others will be martyred or both.

You need to trust in Jesus now more than ever! Do not take this experimental genetic therapy disguised as a vaccine! It is the mark of the beast and it will change you forever. This is fallen angle/watchers technology that was used before the flood. They made abominations between animals and humans and the same things are happening now just as Jesus predicted. As in the days of Noah….Matthew 24:37

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