NY Introduces Forced Detention law with camps for even “suspected” exposure or contact!

This goes along with the other news we’ve already reported back in October when emails leaked from the Canadian government, and New Zealand announced their new tyrannical quarantine camps for those who refuse a test! Now a NY State politician introduced a Bill which would empower the state to forcibly detain for up to 60 days WITHOUT COURT ORDER “anyone reasonably believed to have been exposed to . . . . or who had contact with” a contagious disease.  No Warrant or Due Process necessary!

The first video is my current report and the other links are provided below. God bless and stay ready!

NY State Gulags

Professor Cahill Video

NY State Gulag Bill

Canadian Plans for Internment Camps

New Zealand Camps

Total Tyranny Video I made in October

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  • There are still people that do not believe this. They all say “that won’t happen here”… yes it will! These people will not wake up until it happens to them or someone in their family. This New York bill is just the start. Every state will follow suit after the “next wave” or the next release I should say, happens.This is why we need to BE STRONG IN THE LORD
    God bless you Johnny and thank you

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