Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines are EXPERIMENTAL AND NEW and Have NEVER been tried on Humans Until Now!

I packed a TON of good content you can share with others in this video! All of the links are down below! DO NOT TAKE THIS VACCINE! Vaccines are JUNK SCIENCE and a book to prove how ALL VACCINES wreck your immune system is down below as well!

Changing Your Genetic Code Using Vaccines!

Cold Storage, Why Pfizer Needs -94F for Their Vaccine:’

Zero Liability and Eugenics:

Top Doctor in Alberta Canada Slams Masking and Lockdowns:

Gene Editing at Moderna:

Danish Study on Masks:

Article on Danish Study:

Polly Tomney and Attorney Mary Holland of the Children’s Defense Fund on Pfizer, Moderna, Liability, Eugenics and MORE!

CLICK HERE For the Ebook on How Vaccines Wreck Human Immunity!

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