Death By Mask! Mask Wearing is MAKIng People Sick in Many Ways

More and more doctors are TRYING to speak the truth but are not being allowed to do so. In the meantime the mainstream “politician doctors” (Fauci, Redfield, Birx) say oh the science on masks has suddenly changed because the macro data we put in is now showing that they’re effective. Even though 30 years of random controlled studies in an IDEAL HEALTHCARE FACILITY with proper temperature, humidity levels, etc. There has NEVER been a study that has shown wearing masks by the general public is effective and in fact has show the opposite, especially when you factor in the BACTERIAL aspect!

The restricted oxygen is already causing workplace accidents and hospitalizations. How many people have to pass out and die until these draconian death policies are changed?!? Here is a good video on the subject I found while doing research today. God bless and TAKE OFF THAT MASK!

Doing MUCH MORE HARM than Good.

Original Video with links to research here:

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