Welcome to the Covid-19 Cult, Your “New Normal”

This is the “new normal” they want you to comply with, mandatory masking, quarantines, curfews and social distancing or else fines or jail time!

Your new normal

Here are the sources from the video. Fauci: https://humansarefree.com/2020/10/dr-anthony-fauci-opposes-controlled-study-on-effectiveness-of-masks.html

Trump Admin renews Emergency Order: https://news.yahoo.com/trump-administration-renew-coronavirus-emergency-203100630.html?soc_src=hl-viewer&soc_trk=tw

Covid Cult: https://www.technocracy.news/brave-new-normal-turning-the-world-into-a-covid-cult/

CDA Idaho: https://www.khq.com/coronavirus/breaking-coeur-dalene-city-council-votes-yes-on-a-citywide-mask-mandate/article_580addca-17c8-11eb-91e4-4b6afdc98059.html

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