Make no mistake about it folks, THIS IS NOT NORMAL! We are setting records from Spokane to Los Angeles to Phoenix and there’s no end in sight! We have record setting BAD AIR which I’m finding has been weaponized! It’s no different than the nanotechnology they’re using to mimic a virus (Covid19), they’re setting these fires to create maximum death, carnage and chaos both during and after the fires are over. Below is a video from Deborah Tavares made in Dec. 2019 explaining how they are weaponizing these fires and the SMOKE with nanotech, to later activate it to MIMIC THE FLU/COVID19, whichever one they want to call it.

Deb explaining it late last year (12-19)

In another story the Oregon officials warned they are preparing for a “mass fatality event” in their state. Here’s part of a report from the Daily Mail:

“Four people have been arrested for arson for deliberately starting blazes along the West Coast including one man who livestreamed the encounter on social media as the death toll from the devastating wildfires climbed to 29 and Oregon officials warned they are preparing for a ‘mass fatality event’.

Two men in Washington state, one man in Oregon and one woman in California are facing arson charges for setting fires in areas that were already grappling with deadly blazes.

At least 20 have now been killed in California, eight in Oregon and one in Washington state as thousands of firefighters struggle to bring the blazes under control and the governors of California and Oregon told residents to expect more fatalities in the coming days.”

And of course here is the story out of Spokane, where yours truly happens to reside. The air quality here is NO JOKE, I’ve NEVER seen it this bad and neither has anyone else! We have set a new record (don’t know what the old one was) and we were at 499 out of 500 this morning, Sunday 9-13-20! Here is the story from local channel KHQ6:

“Sunday marks the worst air quality Spokane has seen in history. 

According to the Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency, the highest “Air Quality Index” Spokane reached was 499 Sunday morning. The “Air Quality Index” only goes up to 500. 

Sunday morning, the City of Spokane opened the Convention Center for people to seek shelter from the smoke. 

The center will be open as long as the air quality index remains above 250. 

According to the City of Spokane spokesperson Brian Coddington, about two dozen people are at the shelter. “

And my short video on our air today is below. God bless and stay ready!

9-13-20 Worst Air Quality on Record Spokane WA

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