Beirut After Nuclear Explosion

Leeland Jones did a very good video on this subject that makes a solid case as to WHAT went off, WHY it was done, WHO was responsible and HOW they may have done it. He also ties it in with Bible prophecy and what it means moving forward.

Leeland Jones Video

I will also include one of the first videos I did on this subject on August 4th, the day of the blast. I took down 2 others because of the suspect “missile” footage that most have said was faked.

Almost half of the city, gone…

Folks this was a nuclear attack, make no mistake about it. It was perpetrated by the unseen elite and carried out by their puppets Israel and the USA. It was also designed to throw the Arab world into chaos, Lebanon in particular. It is working as they hoped. Lebanon is now in chaos and people there are directing their anger at the government instead of at the real enemy, just like the rest of the world is doing as it argues about masks and politics.

If there’s one other lesson that should be learned in all of this is that our lives can end JUST LIKE THAT! We could be vaporized in a nuclear blast in the blink of an eye and just be GONE. Remember life is short and we need to make the most out of every moment AND we need to be right with God! PRAYED UP and prepped up at all times! I say prayed up first because we don’t know how or when we’re going to leave this life and move onto eternity. You can only prep for so many scenarios and guess what? What you don’t expect WILL ALWAYS SHOW UP so be PRAYED UP first. God bless and we’ll see you all soon.


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  • Not the USA, but a rogue element in Israel, Netanyahu and Mossad (“By deception we will wage war.”)

    It looks exactly like a mini-nuke. That would never have been approved by Trump.

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