Mini-Nukes Like the “Davey Crockett” Have been Around A Long Time!

M28/M29 Davey Crocket
The Davey Crocket in Action, RARE FOOTAGE

Since the explosions took place in Beirut Lebanon on August 4th, I’ve been diving down different rabbit holes to see if I could find an explanation of what took place. Some channels and sites are reporting that this was a nuclear attack from Israel while others are saying no, it was improperly stored ammonium nitrate. Never mind that AN needs a catalyst such as diesel fuel, propane etc. As for the fireworks story? That was debunked very quickly and now the new mainstream narrative is ammonium nitrate. As predicted by Ian Greenhaulgh over at Veterans today on August 4th, here comes the media blitz on this new cover story. As predicted they are comparing it to Texas in 1947. Check it out.


“Texas City explosion of 1947
In April of 1947, an ammonium nitrate explosion in Texas City killed 581 people and injured thousands more.

Longshoremen had spent five days loading sacks of ammonium nitrate onto a ship. At least 2,300 tons had been loaded when workmen who boarded it noticed a fire.

By the time the town’s volunteer firefighters arrived, a cloud of dense and colorful smoke had attracted bystanders. Then, the ammonium nitrate cargo detonated in a blast so powerful it shook the ground for hundreds of miles and registered as an earthquake in Denver.

Fireballs shot into the sky that were visible across Galveston Bay. It led to a 15-foot wave that crashed over the dock and flooded surrounding streets.”

There’s no question that ammonium nitrate can cause a lot of damage if it goes off as explained in the above paragraph. However that doesn’t explain the huge radiation spike that was registered in Europe. That doesn’t explain the 4.5M Earthquake registered by Turkey or it being heard all the way in CYPRUS. Let’s look at that radiation spike, especially since the newer “clean nukes” don’t leave lingering radiation (72 hours its gone).

Went from nothing pretty fast!

There is also talk of thermobaric or air/fuel bomb was used. Wikipedia defines thermobaric weapons as follows; “A thermobaric weapon, aerosol bomb, or vacuum bomb[1] is a type of explosive that uses oxygen from the surrounding air to generate a high-temperature explosion. In practice, the blast wave typically produced by such a weapon is of a significantly longer duration than that produced by a conventional condensed explosive. The fuel–air explosive (FAE) is one of the best-known types of thermobaric weapons.”

Blast from a US Navy fuel air explosive used against a decommissioned ship, USS McNulty, 1972

As you can see the blast wave from these weapons are “significantly longer duration than that produced by a conventional condensed explosive”. However would such a blast level half of a large city and destroy Beirut’s port as well? Here is more information on how they work from; “In confinement, a series of reflective shock waves are generated,[22][23] which maintain the fireball and can extend its duration to between 10 and 50 ms as exothermic recombination reactions occur.[24] Further damage can result as the gases cool and pressure drops sharply, leading to a partial vacuum, powerful enough to cause physical damage to people and structures[citation needed]. This effect has given rise to the misnomer “vacuum bomb”. Piston-type afterburning is also believed to occur in such structures, as flame-fronts accelerate through it.[25][26]

Human rights watch quoted a study done on these weapons by the US Defense Intelligence agency: “The [blast] kill mechanism against living targets is unique–and unpleasant…. What kills is the pressure wave, and more importantly, the subsequent rarefaction [vacuum], which ruptures the lungs…. If the fuel deflagrates but does not detonate, victims will be severely burned and will probably also inhale the burning fuel. Since the most common FAE fuels, ethylene oxide and propylene oxide, are highly toxic, undetonated FAE should prove as lethal to personnel caught within the cloud as most chemical agents.”

So far I haven’t seen any reports on this type of weapon being used. Of course the MSM and others are jumping on the “ammonium nitrate” train but make no mistake this was an ATTACK of some kind and of course Israel was behind it. This was a warning of what is to come for Iran and Syria if they don’t get into line. In my opinion this was a miniature nuclear device most likely fired from an Israeli F-16. The size of the blast and the following shock wave was far too devastating for it to be anything else.

Fireworks? Ammonium Nitrate? Yeah Sure.

My heart is heavy for the people in Beruit as well. My sincere prayers and condolences go out to all of those affected. That being said this is a major escalation in the middle east and there is going to be hell to pay for Israel, Middle East and the world. Prayed up and prepped up at all times!

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