Glyphosate and How it Destroys Your Immune System…

Farmer spraying pesticide in Thailand

Why are we so sick in America? Why have our cancer rates gone through the roof? How about diabetes? (hint: its not just sugar). We know our nutrition is lacking as is healthy exercise and time in the sun, so the lockdowns have been very counter productive. Our bodies need the sun and our bodies need to be able to BREATHE properly, so the mask wearing is also counter productive.

What’s been overlooked is our food supply and how badly its been tainted by Glyphosate/Roundup. It compromises our immune system in so many ways including how it destroys our gut bacteria and other critical enzymes we need for our immune system to work properly. In the video below I will go over the 3 ways Glyphosate destroys our ability to fight off sickness and disease, including any form of coronavirus.

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