You’re Going to “Hoax” Yourself Straight to Hell

NOT EVERYTHING IS A HOAX WITH ACTORS! My family has been greatly affected by the Coronavirus and yet some of you IDIOTS want to tell me I’m LYING?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I have ZERO TIME for most of you anymore. Most comments or emails I get anymore are just full of know it alls and trolls. I’m about ready to be DONE with all of this as the people are just getting worse. Everyone is showing their dark sides now and their stupid sides as well.

Thankfully there are still a lot of God’s GOOD people still out there that give me some hope, or I’d quit doing this right now!

You’re going to follow the new age Jesus teachers and the “everything is a hoax” channels to your doom. They keep disarming you and taking your guard down because they’ve convinced you that your eyes lie to you constantly so you don’t trust your own judgement anymore. Richie and others are PAID to do this to you, stop letting them!

Jesus is coming soon and NONE of those channels are getting you ready for it and channels who try to tell the truth like mine get shafted. I guess we know who’s lying now don’t we? They will ALWAYS try to cover up the truth, especially the truth of Jesus Christ. Many channels pay LIP SERVICE to Jesus, not many actually mean it.

Wake up, time is short.


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