Earthquakes in Divers Places and Geoengineering Go Mainstream

The earthquakes around the world continue to rumble and now Albania has been struck with it’s strongest earthquake in decades.

Albania’s defence ministry said it was the “strongest earthquake in the country in the last 20 to 30 years. There are no deaths.“

Some 80 people sought medical help in both Tirana and Durres, 21 of whom were hospitalised due to injuries caused by falling objects or parts of walls as well as for panic attacks.

Houses and buildings in Tirana had been damaged but were still standing and that the ministry was accessing damage in other towns and villages.

And in other news mainstream news outlets like CNBC are now admitting geoengineering is not only real but good for us and the environment. Of course this is a complete baldfaced lie but at least they’re finally admitting that it’s not contrails anymore.

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