Welcome to Don’t Speak News!

Welcome to the show! I’m glad you’re here and I will deliver something different…the truth no matter how ugly it may be!

Don’t Speak News was a concept I came up with while listening to an alternative news channel a few years back. I thought “he’s not telling the whole story, only about 50%!” That’s when it struck me, someone needs to talk about the news that others don’t or won’t. And yes, I did get some inspiration from the band “No Doubt”. The song with the same name says “don’t tell me cuz it hurts”. That’s how most people feel about real news today and that’s a big reason why the world (especially America) is in such a big mess.

What started as an alternative health and spiritual warfare channel has turned into a news ministry that covers whatever subject jumps out. Most of it has to do with end times prophecy news. There are evil forces at work in the world who are trying to bring about their version of the end times. God has other plans. I’m here to help expose the enemies plans so you can be better prepared.

Once again welcome to the show and I’m glad you’re here! We’ve been around for over 2 years now and we’re growing! Jesus will make sure that the word gets out but He needs your help! Please like, share and comment and let’s keep our eyes fixed on the prize!