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March Fundraiser Time! Help us Keep the Truth Moving Forward During This Dark Time!

Hey everyone it’s time for another fundraiser for March 2020! It takes money to keep the lights on and the household fed etc and I put in the time and the work and “the laborer is worthy of his reward” 1 Timothy 5:18, Luke 10:7, Matthew 10:10.

The goal is $1000 and the need is immediate. I have no part time job left to go to now thanks to the virus, so the need is double now.

Thank you and God bless! Here is the LINK

Two New Ways to Support the Channel! The Brave Web Browser and Bitcoin!


Thanks to a few of your comments I started using the new (to me anyway) Brave web browser and I have to say it works MUCH better than Chrome. The best part to me is that they don’t track you nonstop and slow down your browsing experience while making big profits off of you. The ad blockers are built in so there’s no need to install anything else, just surf and forget about it. You can also passively support the show by using your reward tokens to tip this show or others who use the browser! Please download the browser through our link so we get a credit after you use it for 30 days! Here is that link: https://brave.com/don308

Also some of you have been requesting that I get a crypto currency account for donations and now we have one! I’m listing the address in the description of every video from this point forward but here it is for your convenience. Bitcoin address: 3M2rBQMPjS2UihwQLuzCeMTveoUSSmH87h

There you go! Thanks to your suggestions we now have 2 new ways that people can support the channel! I’m including the video I just made on how it works and how to use the new Brave browser. God bless and thank you for your continued support and prayers!