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Louisiana sheriff’s deputy, junior-high teacher wife held on child rape and porn charges

Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office

Both husband and wife were charged with 60 counts of production of pornography involving a child under 13, as well as rape charges, authorities said.

Dennis Perkins was additionally charged with obstruction of justice because he allegedly tossed his cellphone into a river after realizing investigators were about to arrest him while he was on a fishing trip, a source told FOX 8.

The investigation into the couple’s alleged crimes began with a tip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, The Advocate of Baton Rouge reported.

The number of children who may have been victims of the couple wasn’t immediately known, authorities told the newspaper. Read the rest of the story from Fox News HERE

Stories like this sadden me greatly and truly shows us how far this world has fallen. Here we had 2 people who had the public trust when it came to protecting and educating our children. Yet what they’re charged with shows that they were the predators, the wolves in sheeps clothing. It prompts me to ask the question, How much of this is going on that we don’t ever hear about?

That is a scary thought especially when you look at books like the Franklin cover ups and the Jeffrey Epstein story. Child sex trafficking is taking place at all levels of society including high level government officials, billionaires, CEO’s, Doctors, Lawyers, and other professionals as we see here. If they aren’t involved in the actual trafficking they support it by buying the films and paying for sex with underage children.

It appears that the whole Eptsein affair is being buried in the media since he supposedly killed himself in a maximum security jail. Why? Because the elites not only want the story to go away but so does the public at large. No one wants to believe that people they look up to are deviant child molesters (or worse). They want to believe in the lies, just as the Bible talks about in 2 Thessalonians 2:11, so God will give them over to the lies. It’s hard to believe but it’s true because I see it all around me everyday I go out and about. Most people don’t want to know, period.

Jesus talked about how horrible it will be for those who harm His children in Matthew 18:6. Always be watchful and prayerful and keep a sharp eye on your children’s teachers and other authority figures. In the end it will be you and I as parents who are held to account by Jesus, Romans 14:12. Don’t try to pass responsibility to the schools or the state, YOU as parents are solely responsible for your child’s well being. Please pay attention.

God bless and stand firm!