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The New World Order Digital ID System Will Know EVERYTHING about you!

The BEAST system is here and it’s ready to be implemented. Don’t be fooled by Parliaments and governors pulling back on COVID restrictions and vaccine passports. ID2020 is being implemented and the WHO is already in charge of most nations’ governments in order to make sure it happens.

Thanks to the International Health Regulations Treaty that was passed in 2005 (and to which the USA is a signatory) in the event of a declared WHO emergency the WHO becomes the defacto leader of every nation who signed up. The HHS Secretary in the U.S. is the representative of the WHO and thereby the NWO! Are you starting to see it yet? It’s all here and most people in the world don’t even know it yet.

The video for today and the links to my source materials are below. God bless and stay ready!

CLICK HERE for the Bitchute Version

ID2020 Gates and Rockefeller

Silver Report Video

Covid19 Kill Box

Terrifying Morbidity Increases

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