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Spring Fling Sale in Our Shop! 15% off Everything

Hey everyone! I don’t do a lot of fundraising or self-promotion but I need to start making you aware of how you can help. We are listener supported since YouTube won’t let us make much revenue due to shadow banning/censorship.

Right now in our shop at Spreadshirt, you can get 15% off of all items until May 19, 2019. There are now 4 designs and they’re on everything from coffee mugs to hats so there should be something for everyone. We get a small commission on the items sold so over time it can add up.

Also I’d like to say THANK YOU to those who have and continue to support the show. Check out the video below for more details on how you can help. God bless and thank you once again.

Idaho Man Accused of Hitting Teen on Bicycle In Otis Orchards WA

My neighbor and friend’s family experienced a tragic accident involving someone they love. It’s a local teenager who is full of life and survived being struck head on by a drunk driver who then left him to bleed out in the street. As terrible as that is right now we need to focus on his recovery.

I’m linking the local news story up here and the link to donate if you wish is at the bottom of the story. He will have at least 10K in out of pocket expenses as we all know how expensive medical care is today even with good insurance. His injuries include a fractured pelvis (several places), broken tibia, scapula and of course a lot of road rash and bruises. Here is the story here on local news.

Please keep him in your prayers that he has a full recovery. Thanks and God bless.