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Taking Care of Family This Weekend…

Jack The Radio Cat

Last week was a week from hell with our cats. There was a major fight on Tuesday and this was the result. This is Jack our oldest at 8. His younger brother did this which was shocking. I’ve never seen anything like it between them, it was savage. They’ve been step bros for a long time, since 2013. Pip may have to be re-homed as now it will be hard to trust him around Jack.

Obviously Jack needed surgery and a very good friend helped us out. The vet did a great job and he’s eating and drinking well. For that we’re very grateful. He had dead tissue and an abscess/infection so this had to be done. It’s hard to see here but it makes you cringe up close because of how much they took and how large the drain is. We can’t use a cone of shame because of where it’s located so we have to keep a close eye on him and what he does to it.

Please keep him/us in your prayers for a quick recovery! This weekend will be the worst trying to keep him out of trouble lol. The vet said no hard playing so yeah that should be interesting.

I may or may not broadcast this week. Until I can figure out how to re-home the trouble maker I’m on cat duty 24-7 to prevent another fight and more vet bills. God bless.