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Does Getting the (Experimental) Covid Vaccines Prevent You From Getting Life Insurance?

More importantly does getting one of these experimental gene therapies (lets call them what they really are) cancel out the benefits you have on your current policy? Remember as you will hear in the first video (submitted by a subscriber) the insurance agent says it will be evaluated “on a case by case basis”. She also said the claims adjusters will have to do their “due diligence” to determine if the vaccine was the cause of death. Since big pharma doesn’t want that to be admitted it remains to be seen how this plays out.

I cover that issue and more in the video below. I will put the links up as well. Thanks to Michael for sending me the audio for the phone call. That’s firsthand knowledge you’re getting here guys, not just some random claim on social media or from sources you don’t like. This comes from folks just like you so please keep sending me stuff like this. God bless and stay ready! PS I put the phone call first and my video and news report second. It saves a lot of time on uploading and error messages that way. The Bitchute link with the videos merges is below as well.

The Insurance Agent Call
My Video Report 3-11-21

Snopes Link (EWW lol)

CLHIA Statement on Vaccines and Life insurance in Canada

Military Story

Bitchute Link

Shocking Video Out of Russia Shows Forced Vaccinations on Shocked Citizens!

I was sent the video below from a subscriber and it is shocking to watch! Here we see the civilian population being terrorized by literal jack booted and masked THUGS forcing their way into homes and forcibly jabbing them with an EXPERIMENTAL gene therapy!

Meanwhile the European Sting says this about mandatory vaccinations; “If someone rejects vaccination during a pandemic situation, it could possibly endanger the life of others, thus disturbing others’ right to life. From this perspective, forced vaccination policy might seem like a good choice to protect the people and their right to life. Thus, it is ethically acceptable to do it.” Do you see where this is all headed?!?

Last but not least we talk about California Senator Richard Pan and his WAPO article entitled “Anti-vaccine extremism is akin to domestic terrorism.” I will let my video explain all of that further down below but the title of his article is quite telling.

My Video Report

Below is the Russian video in it’s entirety.

Russian Vaccines FORCED on Citizens!

It’s coming to the rest of the world at some point. Prayed up and prepped up at all times! Please share this post and videos far and wide!

Express VPN link: https://www.xvinlink.com/?a_fid=jstorm1

European View

California Senator

Russian Video Link

Moderna’s Top Scientist