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Some nursing homes are illegally evicting elderly and disabled residents who can’t afford to pay

From NBC News

By Katie Engelhart

BISHOP, Calif. — When Jamie Moore arrived home on a Thursday evening in March, she was surprised to find her mother-in-law in her living room. Glenda Moore, 67, had been sitting in her wheelchair for hours. Without anyone to help her to the bathroom, she’d had an accident. She was also having trouble breathing. “It was awful,” Jamie Moore recalled.

Glenda Moore told Jamie that she had been discharged from the Bishop Care Center nursing home, in Bishop, California. She had been living at the nursing home — a sprawling brick building on the side of a state highway — for several weeks, recovering from a back surgery that unexpectedly left her unable to walk much or take care of herself.

Several days earlier, nursing home administrators had shown Glenda Moore a letter from Medicare, explaining that her rehabilitation coverage was ending. She was unable to pay the nursing home’s more-than-$7,000 monthly fee, so, thinking she had no other options, she left. (A relative dropped her off at Jamie’s home, where Glenda Moore had lived previously, without telling Jamie.)

“They pushed her out and she was not ready,” Jamie Moore, who has worked as a nursing assistant, said. “She was not ready at all.”

Glenda Moore went to a nursing home to recover from a back surgery that unexpectedly left her unable to walk much or take care of herself.
Glenda Moore went to a nursing home to recover from a back surgery that unexpectedly left her unable to walk much or take care of herself.Valerie Bischoff / for NBC News

As the family later learned, Glenda Moore had the right to appeal the Medicare decision, or to apply for Medicaid — and, if she qualified (which she later did), to stay in the nursing home on Medicaid for as long as she needed nursing care. Instead, Moore’s family said, Moore became one of thousands of Americans discharged against their wishes or evicted from nursing homes each year. (The Bishop Care Center maintains that Moore’s health had improved and that she voluntarily left the facility, and points out that they gave her a document noting her right to appeal the Medicare decision.) Read the rest of the story on NBC NEWS

I hate reporting stories like this to but it must be done! The Bible predicted this time would come. Matthew 24:12 and 2 Timothy 3:2 deals with the behaviors we would see in the end times and how the love of many would grow cold. We are witnessing that across the board with children being sold on Craigslist and the story I just shared from NBC being just the TIP of the iceberg.

Deep down I think as Americans we all knew these days were coming. You can’t live on credit, have nonstop war, and keep shoving societies problems to the curb, hoping someone else will clean up the mess. I don’t know how people can sleep at night (and some can’t) doing things like this to other people.

The only people the system still works for is the elite or top 1%. It was designed to fail and transfer wealth from the middle class and poor to the top 1% over a period of decades. They had to ramp things up slowly including taxes, inflation and interest on the debt. Go look at the history of the American economy from 1970 onward. It was all designed to create the total fiat money system with the dollar having dominance due to Saudi Oil. Runaway inflation was the result and the price of everything had doubled by the end of 1979. Now our dollar is worth zero.

All of that has resulted in the broken society we are faced with today. Combined with brain damaging television, video games, horrible diets, vaccines, GMO’s, Chemtrails and pulling God out of everything is it any wonder this is where we’ve ended up? Mankind without God is a reprobate creature with zero hope of being just on it’s own.

Reject the world and it’s evil systems! Seek and find Jesus Christ NOW while you still can! Remember there will be a reckoning for all of the evil we have done, don’t be on the wrong side of it!


How to Prepare for the Weather in Madison, Wisconsin (and Winter in General)

Winter in Madison

Sooner or later winter will be upon us. While most areas of the United States can manage to ride out the colder months, others aren’t so fortunate. New England states have winters that vary in coldness by their closeness to Canada. The same also goes for Wisconsin, as well.  Since some of our subscribers live in Wisconsin and the winters there are extreme, I figured this was as good a place as any to start.  

  Wisconsin started 2019 off with an arctic blast that burst water pipes, snapped rail lines, and caused cancellations across schools and businesses. According to the National Weather Service, cold weather causes an average of 28 deaths per year. Here are some tips to stay safe during winter in Wisconsin.

Boots, Not Shoes

  Your face may bear the brunt of the cold, but it’s your feet that affect your overall health. So it makes sense to find footwear that insulates your feet as well as your body.

  Choose a pair of boots that are sturdy and able to keep your feet free from moisture. If they’re comfortable enough, you could get away with wearing them year-round. While most people layer up their clothing, layering up your socks will only cut off circulation making your feet feel colder than they are.

Hand Warmers

  Keeping your fingers together inside your mittens, or gloves, is one way to keep your hands warm. For truly bitter cold climates, however, there are hand warming pads.

  Hand warmers are basically the temperate opposite of the cold packs you would use to ice over wounds. The pocket-sized gel pads emit a heat sensation when placed inside your gloves (or shoes). They are commercially available in air-tight packs of 2 for $2.

Giant Scarves

  Scarves are something of an extraneous, but underappreciated garment item. You might see people wearing these giant, colorful scarves and think they’re being showy. In fact, they’re being practical.

     A scarf can mask one’s face and be used as an emergency blanket. Whether wool or cotton, a giant scarf can be vital in a moment where you need to keep warm in an area with low heating. Whole-body scarves may be excessive (and expensive), so find a “shawl” length scarf for easier portability.  

Winterize Your Car

  Living in Wisconsin, especially rural areas, means having constant access to a set of wheels. Getting your vehicle prepared for the winter should be the first task you should do in the fall.

  The fluid levels, such as oil, antifreeze, and wiper fluid, should all be checked. Opt for an antifreeze-water mixture and make sure the oil is winter grade. Tires should be rotated and replaced if they’re going bald.

Also make sure and have an emergency kit in your vehicle at all times. Make sure you have some emergency blankets for heat as well. Many people have frozen to death in their stalled car in the winter.

Safe Alternative Heating   

  You might have a hot heating system, but what if it wasn’t so hot? In Wisconsin, “Madison homes for sale” listings need to advertise alternative heating sources.

  Fireplaces and wood-stoves are time-tested alternatives to modern heating. Install a battery-operated carbon monoxide detector along with your smoke detector. To avoid the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, keep any fuel-burning back-up generators outside. If you invest in a space heater, place it on a non-combustible surface to avoid a fire.