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Russian State Television Says “We are going to War with Ukraine. If NATO gets Involved Their HQ Will be Hit”

NATO HQ in Brussels

This is from warnews247. I’m translating this from Greek for your convenience. Keep in mind that this is Russian STATE TELEVISION, so take their threats with a grain of salt however they do telegraph what the plans are so NATO would do well to take heed. As I’ve said many times, this war isn’t so much about Ukraine as it is to get NATO to pull back to their 1997 boundaries…or else.

The Russians are also claiming that Ukraine is out to wipe out or genocide Russian speaking people in Eastern Ukraine. This is escalating rapidly!

The head of the “Donetsk Republic” was clear as he said in an interview with Russian state media that “unfortunately we are going to war with Ukraine.

Kiev will attack, its forces have taken attack positions. “They will invade and try to occupy the area,” he stressed.

The Deputy Governor of Donetsk, Eduard Basurin, stressed that there have been three attempts at sabotage by Ukraine in Donbas, culminating in today’s explosion in the car of Donetsk security director Denis Sinenkov. (Keep in mind this may have been planned for awhile, as I have shown in another video. Johnny)

What is happening in Donbas is a ‘genocide committed by Ukraine and its Western allies,'” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mikhail Zakharov said .

For his part, the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister stressed that “Russia is concerned about the latest developments in Donbas, its people must stop suffering.”

“They want to kill the Russians”

Russian state media in their responses are preparing the Russian people for a large-scale military operation. Presenters and commentators say:

“The nationalist Ukrainians are psychotic and miserable people, they want to kill us, to kill the Russians. The Ukrainian people are sick, Ukraine is a cancer in Europe.

“Ukraine must know its position; it must be controlled from the outside.”

The United States has an official document in which Russia is considered an “enemy” and that “regular nuclear strikes against it are allowed.”

Why explain about military accumulation?

Why the US does not explain why the Pentagon operates biological laboratories near the border with Russia.

 If the people of Russia are threatened, we will strike at NATO headquarters. Now let’s go to our reporter at one of these headquarters, which we will hit, in Washington.

Elsewhere a Russian presenter says:

“Ukraine has declared martial law, its police have been put on alert. “Anyone who openly disagrees will be executed without any discussion or legal process.”

Donetsk intelligence service steals “Ukraine plan” to invade “Republic”.

B. Putin: 10,000 rubles to each refugee from Donbas

At the same time, Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the Russian State Emergency Service (EMERCOM) to set up reception centers for refugees from Donbass, while at the same time he called the responsible Russian minister, Alexander Chupriyan, who is in charge of emergency management. to cross the border of Russia with eastern Ukraine.

At the same time, the Russian government decided to provide financial assistance of 10,000 rubles (116 euros) to each refugee arriving in the Rostov region.

Putin gave the order in response to a request from Rostov-on-Don governor Vassily Golubev, who asked him to provide emergency assistance due to the unexpected large influx of refugees.

“Putin spoke by telephone with the acting Minister of Emergency Situations, Alexander Tsupriyan, and instructed him to go urgently to the Rostov region to organize on-site work to create accommodation, provide hot meals and everything needed, including “ Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peshkov said.

Finally, previous information from WarNews247 was confirmed as it was officially forbidden for men aged 18-60 to leave Donbas. Only children, women and the elderly leave. Source including the videos in Russian.