War in Israel Day 2 with updates throughout the day

I’ve decided to start a blog post about the war in Israel with updates throughout the day today. We will start with this breaking news that I just found on Telegram.

🇮🇶🇺🇸 Iraqi militas in Iraq stated they will target all US military assets in Iraq proper if the United States militarily support Israel.

🇮🇱🇺🇸 BREAKING: The United States Navy sends an aircraft carrier to the Mediterranean Sea to support Israel


This innocent Israeli family was absolutely Terrorized by Hamas terrorists. They broke into their home, and killed one the sisters of the little girl while the family had to watch. Then, continued to hold the family hostage…

The look on that little boy’s face says it All.


Pray for these people! 🇮🇱🙏🏻

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From Hal Turner

The Israeli army issued orders to close all resorts near the border with Lebanon.

Most interesting this morning so far:  : US weapons left behind in Afghanistan were used to attack Israel. 

A high-ranking Israel Defense Forces (IDF) commander said US weapons left in Afghanistan by the Biden administration were found in the hands of Palestinian groups active in the Gaza Strip.


This morning, the Israeli Security Cabinet invoked Article 40A of the “Law on Emergency Situations” — WAR.

So this morning, it is absolutely “official” Israel is at war. This is the first time that this Article has been invoked in Israel since the 1973 war!

Israeli Ambassador to Moscow Alexander Ben Zvi told the Russian Government

Israel sees Tehran as one of the culprits of the Hamas attack.”

 He then went on to tell Russia  “This is how we quietly approached the threshold of the real use of Israeli nuclear weapons against Iran, and a demonstration of what the term “threat to the existence of the state” means . . . from the Russian “Fundamentals of State Policy in the Field of Nuclear Deterrence.”

I can now also positively __confirm__: 

There are some 2.3 million people in the Gaza Strip. About half being men. If that half – or a good portion of it, were to come out into Israel bearing arms, the Israelis would be over run. Thus, the Ambassador to Moscow told the Russians that Israel is considering the use of smaller, “Tactical” nuclear bombs against Gaza, in case Israel is over-run. Same with the West Bank.

Very interesting 🤔 indeed. This war is going from bad to worse fast!

Now Hezbollah and the IDF are exchanging artillery fire.


Below is a brief review of major events over the last several hours, courtesy of Academy SITREP:

  • Early this morning, Hamas militants launched a surprise attack on Israel firing thousands of rockets in a coordinated air and land assault.
  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that his country was now “at war” and has retaliated with massive airstrikes on Hamas targets.
  • Hezbollah, the Lebanese Shiite militia organization that fought a war with Israel in 2006, said that it was monitoring the situation but has not yet pledged its support to join forces with Hamas in this attack on Israel.
  • An adviser to Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei said that Iran supported the cross-border operation by Hamas, which is not surprising and could partially be in response to the ongoing Saudi Arabia /Israel diplomatic talks.
  • Netanyahu has spoken with President Biden and Secretary of Defense Austin said that “The Department of Defense will work to ensure that Israel has what it needs to defend itself and protect civilians from indiscriminate violence and terrorism.”
  • While still early, initial reports are coming in indicting over 40 Israelis have been killed along with hundreds more injured.

Meanwhile, US Neocons clamoring for war and escalation by saying an attack on Israel is an attack on America…

NO, STOP IT. This was a barbaric, savage attack on ISRAEL, not America.

While President Biden on Saturday pledged full support to PM Netanyahu as Israel embarks on a fresh Gaza war, which could be the biggest in decades, there remains the potential for direct US military involvement if things spiral out of control

After all, Americans are being reported among the dead and kidnapped (likely many who dual US-Israeli citizens) after the devasting Hamas raid into southern Israel. In some pockets, fighting may be ongoing.

Israeli airstrikes continue to decimate whole blocks inside the Gaza Strip…

More from Hal Turner in regards to Europe.

Intel sources are now urgently reporting that Muslims will be on the rampage in Europe shortly; burning every major city in protest of the coming Israeli offensive into GAZA.

The authorities running Gaza know they cannot withstand a full Israeli military onslaught, so they have reached out to Muslims in Europe to have THEM cause trouble, making the Gaza problem, Europe’s problem too.   The thinking is that Europe will be able to call-off a full blown Israeli wipeout of Gaza.

Intelligence sources say worst hit will be Paris, Brussels, London, and Marseille.

Have you noticed the intense propaganda here in the West in favor of Israel? Have you noticed how Israeli citizens are now being kidnapped and how Israel is using that as their pretext to basically exterminate the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank? It’s not the first time the Zionists have sacrificed their own to meet their endgame goals, in this case WW3 so that they can implement their NWO. Here is more from Henry Makow.

The claim that the attack was a surprise is the biggest tell that this war was contrived by Israel. Indeed Netanyahu called it a “Pearl Harbor moment” referring to another false flag used to justify the US entry into World War Two. Is this war designed to touch off WW3? 
Veterans of Israeli intelligence say there is no way this attack was a surprise.    The Israelis have informers in Gaza. They monitor it electronically. They must have known this was coming and decided to sacrifice hundreds of Israelis for political ends. They did the same thing in 1973. 

It’s a cliche that politicians start wars to effect change. Netanyahu needed a war to unite a nation badly divided by his judicial reforms. The WEF/Rothschilds/Communists need a war to evade responsibility for the creeping COVID-19 genocide and to stop Trump in 2024. They also need a distraction from the fact that the banking system is bankrupt and broken, and the Ukraine war has been a debacle.
The worst-case scenario is that Israelis will overreact and arouse the anger of the Muslim world who would then intervene, and fulfill Albert Pike’s prophecy.

We should distinguish between the policies of the right-wing Israeli government and the beliefs of individual Israelis who have no more control over their government than we do. 
We have been fed a daily diet of Israeli abuse of the Palestinians – settlers burning olive orchards, snipers shooting children.  An Israeli mob just overran the Al Aqsa mosque. 

I think most Israelis would adopt a two-state solution given the chance. 

Israelis are being victimized again by their own government. Jews had to be tricked into invading Palestine by the Zionists who sponsored anti-Semitism and Hitler.  

 Jews never needed a “Jewish homeland.” Antisemitism was caused by Organized Jewry.   The people of the West needed national homelands that were/are being destroyed by Masonic Jewish globalism. The best course would be for Israel to exercise restraint and compromise to save the hostages and avert a wider war. (It’s clear that Henry Makow doesn’t know where we are in prophecy but he speaks the truth nonetheless)

Taking a break for now as I’ve been at this for hours already. Stay tuned and stay ready!

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  • I feel like with all our resources deployed for these useless conflicts it leaves us with no protection whatsoever.

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