Open and concealed carry laws suspended in Albuquerque New Mexico for 30 days

The governor, using public health laws, has decided that guns are now a public health emergency. This makes perfect sense as the governments of the states and the federal government have been changing public health laws since the 50s. Now they’re written in such a way that the government can use them to take away any and all of your rights.

Legal gun owners are not the problem and the governor of New Mexico knows this, but she’s using her new found powers as directed by those above her at the WEF. Watch other sold out jack ass governors follow suit. The criminals of course will not give two rips about any proclamation the governor announces. She’d rather leave everyone else defenseless. This is a war on the law abiding while the criminals are coddled and given free reign in the cities.

You’re right to self defense and defense of your family is a God given right, it’s not granted by the government. When they do it here I will not comply. Prayed up and prepped up.

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