Proposed Laws in Brazil would Imprison you for Vaccine Refusal

English language media sources covering Brazil report that the South American nation’s Congress has developed six bills to criminalize various behaviors associated with the COVID-19 vaccines, from cutting in line to get a vaccine to propagating so-called “fake news” or news perhaps that may even be true but serves as inconvenient to various governmental authorities under the new left-leaning government. Senator Angelo Coronel (PSD-BA) has authored PL 555/2020, which anticipates criminal charges for one to three years for people who omit or even stand in opposition to mandatory COVID-19 vaccination of children or adolescents during a declared “public health authority.” What? Do Brazilian politicians want to criminalize people that simply have concerns about specific vaccines? This goes too far.       

But it gets worse. The proposed law would penalize a person that refuses to take the mandatory jab with up to eight years in prison!

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