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DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT FULLY ENDORSE KAREN KINGSTON and her beliefs. I’m sharing some valuable information she has on the patents.

For over 3 years now I’ve been on record as saying that Covid19 or SARS COV2 are NOT viruses but rather nanotechnology combined with lipid particles to get them into the cells to change your DNA. From that point forward they can PROGRAM the nanotech to deploy whatever sickness or disease they want to kill you with whether it’s a “Turbo” cancer or a massive heart attack from the clots (wiring for the nanotech) that form. I found this riveting interview in my Bitchute feed and decided to share it with all of you. Johnny

This is the mark of the beast folks and anyone who has taken it will be controlled or killed. It’s also in the food, water and air so without the seal of God you’re subject to this technology.

Bitchute Link https://www.bitchute.com/video/bSVWKhBGinUw/

Karen Kingston joins Maria Zeee to explain the way humans have now been connected to the demonic realm through the nanotech in COVID-19 injections and the quantum field – but there’s more. The patents show that nanotechnology is embedded into everyday products and every single human has been exposed.

Remember Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life! No one gets to the Father but through Him! Seek Him NOW while you still can!

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  • Yes! It’s As Real as Peanut 🥜 butter and jelly!
    No Pun intended,… Well Maybe a little …
    Everyone Kept Calling me a Conspiracy Theorist,…
    Until Thier Wallet’s were Hit 🎯
    Now, I’m No longer a Conspiracy Theorist!
    Isn’t that Amazing!
    People, Family, Friends , Will actually Turn on you!!
    This is Going to Make That Problem, Much Worse!!
    Family Will Turn On Family!!
    Jesus said So!!
    The Bible is Literally Coming True
    Right In Front of Our Eyes 👀
    It’s Astonishing how many, So called Christians Are Turning on The Bible Itself!!

    ” Men’s hearts will Fail them from FEAR ”
    ” THEY Will Call Out for the Rocks , To Fall On Them “: from FEAR ”
    Everything Biblical Proportional Events, Are literally happening!!
    It’s Speeding up!
    Which Means, Everything Biblical Prophecy is Going to happen in Our lifetime!!
    Which means,….
    Jesus is Coming Soon!
    Thank You Lord Jesus for Everything!
    Jesus Christ is King 👑
    Great Work Brother 👏👏👏👏
    Proverbs 3:4-6
    ” Still Works Folks 💪”
    Soldier 🪖 On 💪 Brother

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  • Karen Kingston is right on in her observations and studies. She is a very smart TRUTH telling person. People would do well to listen to what she has to say and show. The “seal of GOD” is the only way out of this demonic plan to kill God’s creation. Thank GOD that he had shortened the days otherwise no flesh would be saved.

  • Zee has been brainwashed by controlled op Alex jones, she thinks the ‘Mark” is still to come when “Hybridisation of Luciferase’ from their own patents tells you that the Name of Lucifer has been inserted into the takers DNA, anyone who can’t see that this is the Abomination is deluded beyond belief, wake up Maria and anyone else that is in denial to what has happened and is happening.

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