They have taken over the website and are deleting stories and videos daily

I apologize for all of the inconvenience of no video in the last blog post. Most of you probably thought I forgot to put one in there but I did. The problem is that the powers that be have hacked into my website (YES IVE CHANGED PW AND SO ON) and are deleting stories and videos.

I first noticed it last week when I should have had almost 2000 posts I only had 1500. Which ones did they take away? Gee I don’t know exactly because I don’t have them all listed in order from the last 5 years but they are gone nonetheless.

In their newest way to mess with me they’ve decided to delete the videos I put up on the website so I have to go back in and repost it all. I was working on a mini doc about the horrors of vaccines but why bother at this point? They’ll just delete it anyway.


  • Melissa Broadway

    Go ahead and repost the “horrors of vaccines” videos and other missing posts if you can to your best of your ability brother, against those mental illness powers that be who keeps deleting them just so to piss them off and put them into a screeching narcissistic rage until they croak. Words of encouragement brother, I hope it helps. I noticed that their heaviest bombardment is the COVID-19 vaxx being exposed as the mark of the beast and they’ll do whatever it takes to stop it for they don’t like having Lucifer’s control and lame power to be smashed to pieces. Infowars against the Word of God in its finest when it comes to this spiritual warfare at the end of days. At the end of the day, Jesus Christ is the victor around here whether Satan likes it or not.

  • Helen Alvesteffer

    Sorry they did that Johnny…its getting worse by the minute with powers that be and AI…it took me twice to go to comments. Internet completely cut me off. Knowledge about truth is going to be gone, you KNOW
    .just grateful I learned as much as possible past 3yrs and at this time..
    LUCKILY have books,

  • Well, if that’s the way they choose to conduct themselves, it speaks volumes of their integrity (or lack thereof) and their fear of and inability of counteracting your message. Take it as a backhanded compliment. God wins in the end. Blessings.

  • Would it help if you had a mini-server in your house? Tell people I turn it on at 7:00 AM my time and turn it off 10:00 PM my time? Everyone would have to have am acct. Yes a small hassle but is it worth letting us know how things are on the front lines? How can I help you? How big was your collection? Put out a request if anyone has downloaded some of your vids. A private server is much harder to break into.


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