False Spirits, False Doctrines and Spiritual Warfare in the End Times

In this video I will share a clip from Leeland Jones as he discusses a lot of the false spirits and doctrines we see going on all around us. I will give commentary from my own personal experiences in this video as well as Leeland goes through some of the deceptions that are all around us today. You will also find my book on Spiritual Warfare below as well. I wrote that 5 plus years ago now, in January 2018. It is free of charge and you may print it out if you wish. Blessings to you.

Click the link above for my E book on spiritual warfare

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  • Great Work Brother 👏💪💯
    You are Doing a Wonderful Work Brother 👏
    This is Great Work 👍
    Can you believe How much Your life and Ministry has Changed , Since we first met!
    I’ll Never forget it brother 💯
    The Moment, The Holy Spirit Spoke to My heart! ( It was In July) wow, What a Memory!
    It’s been a Journey , a Battle, Well Worth The Amazing things, God has Done ✅
    Love you brother 💯
    Proverbs 3:4-6
    Soldier 🪖 On 💪 for the Lord Jesus 🙏
    He’s Worthy

  • Excellent video, Johnny. Thank you for sharing! I believe that your book should be read by everyone who is serious about their walk with Jesus Christ in the times that we are living in. In fact, I am going to read it again as I need to be reminded about who we are battling.

  • Thanks for sharing. Leeland has a good summary. However, he himself has a wrong doctrine about the Third Temple. Third temple is the biggest deception right now.

  • I would never believe in such suffering if I myself have not lived under the hand that suffers me the most. The hand of contempt and evil Silence kills and so do we wait for words. No….we wait no more for anyone to save us for only God can now.

  • Jesus Christ…. Has done Everything….
    Needed! We live Under

    Religion… Is The Greatest Deception!!

    Different Denominations….?? ….
    Prove it!!!!
    Think about it folks
    Love you all 🙏

    Love you John 🙏
    Soldier 🪖 On 💪 brother 💯

  • There is no gospel of barnabus that is cannon so…

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