Copper antennas and miniature horses

I’ve been experimenting with copper antennas for my container farming. The idea behind it is to take electricity out of the ether and from the ground and transfer it to the plant. The end result is supposed to increase yields by 25-30 percent with some showing more than that!

Imagine how much better you and I would function if we had 30% more oxygen in our bodies! That’s what the copper antennas are supposed to do for the plants.

Here is a short video on 2 strawberry plants that were doing nothing for months. Now 2 weeks later they’re producing berries. I had only harvested 2 berries total from these plants prior to this week. I’ve done nothing but add the copper antennas to their twice per day watering schedule.

Next up is a picture of a tree that died this year. I put an antenna beside it as it was dying and look 👀 a new start popped up!

New life from a dead tree

So does electro culture farming work? So far so good at least for me. I’ll probably do another video on the subject to show you how I make the antennae but they’re all over YouTube right now. Just type in electro culture farming and you will find a bunch.

Next up are my little buddies out back. They belong to the landlord but they’re right in my backyard. Whenever she goes camping and such I take care of the little buggers. It’s always a good time when they escape too and we gotta wrangle them back into their area lol.

Blessings to you



  • Wow Johnny.that copper wire seems,to have worked. I remember years ago I heard about copper bracelets… And the ponies are precious… Thanks for sharing brother

  • Copper is conductive, that is Y they used copper in old school phone lines, in cookware….even batteries, (Duracell). Heard. Once that mankind’s blud used to have more copper….now it is overloaded with iron…..that is Y they tell u that u R “anemic”. 2 pump u full of Iron. Which doesn’t mix with clay, remember?

  • Thank You for Sharing this brother 💯
    This is a Nice Surprise 😊
    What a Beautiful Blessing 🙏
    Refreshing Indeed brother

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