A Spiritual and Physical Health (WAR) Update 7-23-23

This is a WAR that we’re in and as a soldier in it I will have to endure and so will some of you if you’re in this army. All of it is in the video. Thank you for all of the prayers, I need them most of all.

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  • Glad you’re feeling better. I’m sure everyone has a tough situation at this time. There doesn’t appear to be many exceptions in scripture. I thought I would leave this link on Daniel’s timeline (another one). I thought it was compelling and explains the intensity of our battle as we get closer to the next round of Biblical events. Thanks to the Lord for you continually overcoming the adversary.

  • Great news Johnny… I’m so glad they cleared up their mistake… I was a bit concerned. You have been in my thoughts and prayers 🙏… I’ve had some bouts with the diverticulitis in the recent past . It’s sure a trial and error to find the right diet. I’m feeling better as of now. I’ve also been sharing your posts and I appreciate your work brother. Much love

  • Hello Johnny, I don’t know if you looked into zeolite already for your gut and along the other problems that you are confronted with now, you can scroll through the page with the link that I put in this message below, it’s a gut and body cleanser, maybe you find benefits for your health, May God bless you and make you healthy Johnny and yours around you and everybody else who acknowledge the truth in Jezus Christ who are facing personal difficulties, fysical or Spiritual, I hope I didn’t offend you or anybody else with my comments on your website.
    God Bless and thanks for your work on your website, much appreciated, Peace and Grace and I hope you find relief for your fysical disturbance, stay strong and give yourself enough rest so your body can heal properly !


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