Taking all the time I need to heal

I’m taking as much time off as I need to take as I’m no good to anyone this way. My health condition has not improved and has in fact become much worse. Having to always monitor headlines and do all of the research is too much for me at the moment so I’m stepping way back.

My health comes first because without it I’m no good to anyone including you guys. I sincerely appreciate all of the advice and well wishes and I love you all. Blessings to you all and I pray I’ll be back soon.



  • My dear brother Johnny, it hurts my heart to know how much you and so many of us are suffering either physically or emotionally or both. I just can’t understand why our prayers for ourselves and others are not being answered. The evil and suffering continues to escalate. So many of us are weary and I just wonder how much longer till christ returns. And yet I also know it is going to get much worse. We are only human and just how much more can we take. Please know that my heart is with you brother.. I understand suffering.🙏💙

  • Cheryl VanScoyoc

    We’ll miss you..but you must look after yourself. Be well, friend

  • Good for you brother 👍👍❤️🙏
    Take Care of Yourself for a while brother 💯
    You are On the Front line.
    Where the battle is Fierce
    Love and Prayers always brother 🙏
    Proverbs 3;4-6
    Solder On Brother

  • Get well soon! I had health issues that were partially due to a very stressful schedule. Some of what they say is true, “It’s not what you’ve been eating, but what’s eating you.” Think good thoughts. “Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report, if there be any virtue and if there be any praise, think on these things.”
    Peace in the Lord!

  • I pray the Lord renews your strength ❤️

  • I understand, all the negative news can also have a bad impact on your well-being and stress levels

  • Get well Johnny and please come back. I really miss your YT channel. You have the voice for it. Think about doing vids again. They were great.

  • You’re not far from my family member I was talking about a few days ago. His wife does the same except in Canada. How to say this without them getting in trouble . We know TPTB will control those who fell for the fake plandemic through 5G and others. This control mechanism will affect the unvaccinated in different ways physically, ALL PLANNED!
    For me it is making my sugar drop to deadly leaves. Walking through dollar tree I said OH NO , I NEED SUG..I WOKE UP IN THE AMBULANCE FREAKING OUT WARNING THE PARAMEDICS DONT GIVE ME A SHOT! My wife said I dropped my head bounced off concrete and went into violent seizures. MY SUGARS NEVER BEEN OFF. I FEEL IT SOME DAYS WORSE THEN OTHERS. One of the things I did while traveling was map where there is no cell service. That’s NOT very many places but there are many but in places you better know how to survive. Like you I’m being effected like my body’s being attacked. IT IS BUT GODS NOT DONE YET BROTHER. VERY CLOSE FOR THE WATCHMEN AND WATCH WOMEN TO GO DARK. I PRAY FOR GODS HEALING. THEY ATTACK YOU WORSE THEN OTHERS BECAUSE YOU WARN, NEVER SURENDER IF WE DONT MEET HERE AGAIN “SEE YOU IN THE CLOUDS MY DEAR BROTHER, GOD BE YOUR HEALER”

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