Digital EVERYTHING is Coming Fast as Europe Braces for Nuclear War

The core of the Bio-Digital Convergence revolves around the introduction of a “New Digital Economy” that integrates social credit systems, affecting everything from health to economic transactions. Once the CBDC is implemented you will have no control over your money or your lifestyle.

Also in today’s video more on the war in Ukraine as both sides continue to accuse the other of wanting to blow up the nuclear power plant. Will Ukraine strike the plant while NATO has it’s summit next week? All of that and more is in today’s video.

Here is another video that shows Ukrainian troops prepping for a nuclear disaster! False Flag incoming!

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UK Government “Nudge” Units

CDC Warns of New Triple Pandemic

NATO Erects Air Fortress Before Summit

US Military has no one to Recruit

US Sending Banned Cluster Bombs to Ukraine

Zelensky set to blow up Nuclear Plant

Georgia Guidestones (remember they want NO MORE THAN 500 Million people)

French Cops Now Allowed to spy on anyone

Unveiling the dystopian future

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