Thank you

Thank you all for the prayers and support. The website has been renewed for another year!

As for my health I’m grateful for the prayers and advice. Keep in mind I’ve fine tuned my diet and I’ve reversed type 2 diabetes twice now so i know how to eat clean and my supplements are second to none. However the poisons and the frequencies they constantly hit us with are the culprits here. What began with a synthetic biology poisoning (called Covid-19) turned into an all out war on my guts since then.

Today has been a great example of it as every time I go back to my office to record or even research I get hit with stomach issues within a couple of minutes. It’s no coincidence since I’ve got a big target on meand have had one for years. Now they’re ramping up the torture.

My research has shown me they have this stuff fine tuned to not just our individual DNA but individual systems as well. They know that by targeting my guts they can keep me from sleeping, (sleep deprivation torture sucks btw) digesting food properly, destroying my immune system and more.

Don’t worry I have a plan of action that begins today. I’m not going to type it out for the enemy to read here but it does include some advice you guys sent me.

So thank you again and blessings to you all. Stay alert over the holiday in the US.

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  • Dear brother, I’m so grateful your continuing your channel..I for one learn so much from you and your hard work and perseverance. As far as your gut issues I’ve been dealing with the same for about three years. Clean diet always and herbal remedies.. we do our best along with prayer. I’m going to continue to keep you in my prayers and I’m going to ask two of our sisters in Christ to include you in their prayers as well. Be blessed Johnny as you have been a blessing to us all.🙏💙

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