The Psyop Continues as Putin Says Russia Barely Avoided Civil War

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Meanwhile President Lukashenko of Belarus says that Putin had decided to eliminate Wagner Chief Prighozin, but that he talked Putin out of it instead by telling him “not to rush”. First here is what President Putin had to say about avoiding a civil war in Russia. UPDATED with my video report below.

Russian military and its law enforcement agencies prevented a major internal armed conflict in the country last week, President Vladimir Putin has said, referring to the aborted rebellion by Wagner Group chief Evgeny Prigozhin.

In fact, you have stopped a civil war, acting precisely and cohesively,” he told a group of service members, who gathered at the Kremlin on Tuesday to receive state decorations for their endeavors last Friday and Saturday.

The response of the people, on whom Russia’s security depends, enabled all critical defenses and government systems to continue operating, the president said. He noted that no units had been pulled back from the frontline of the military operation in Ukraine.

The president also called for a minute’s silence to remember the military pilots who were killed by Wagner forces during the revolt. Putin commended the officers, who, he said, died with honor as they carried out their duty.

On Friday evening, Prigozhin directed his forces to march towards large Russian cities with the stated goal of removing several generals whom he accused of treason. A number of military aircraft were shot down during the march.

The insurrection was aborted the following day after Belarus mediated a deal with Moscow. Prigozhin explained his decision by saying he wanted to avoid major bloodshed. Putin said his government would not prosecute the Wagner troops or their leader. He invited the soldiers to join the ranks of regular Russian troops, retire from active service, or follow Prigozhin to Belarus, which has agreed to host him.

Here is part of the interview with President Lukashenko of Belarus where he discusses the situation between Putin and the Wagner mercenary group.

Once again as we see all of this drama playing out on the world stage we have to ask ourselves who benefits from all of this mess? You could say NATO and the West because it’s bad publicity for Putin as it shows deep political fractures in Russia behind the scenes, or at least that’s how their forming the narrative in the West. However other than that there isn’t much NATO can use here as the “uprising” was quelled rather quickly.

This isn’t a war of good vs evil, it’s a starting point for the endgame of population reduction, especially of the Slavic peoples of Russia and Ukraine. You see it was those same Slavic people whose ancestors destroyed the Khazar empire around 980AD. Oh you’ve never heard of Khazaria and the empire they established? Take a look at history and how it is playing out today in this war between Russia and Ukraine which is in reality a genocide of the Slavic people.

Another big reason I’m not covering this war any longer because both sides do nothing but spout rhetoric and holler about using nuclear weapons. Also you can ask 50 different self appointed “experts” on Russia and Ukraine and they’ll tell you 50 different narratives. One side says the CIA did it while the other says it’s 5D chess being played by Putin. I can say this much with 100% certainty. No one really knows what happened except for the people involved. Period.

Will this cause the war to escalate? As compared to what? So many “red lines” have been crossed in this conflict that I’ve lost count. For example, at the beginning of the war you would have thought the destruction of the Nordstream pipelines would have done it. Nope. That alone told me what I needed to know about his war. It is all being staged from Brussels and the Kremlin. Oh the war will expand and the NATO countries including the US will be struck, the only question is when?

According to Amazon’s Alexa, WW3 kicks off on Nov. 23rd 2023. Her guess is as good as any and it probably has inside information.

My advice is to remain prayed up and prepped up as we don’t know what’s going to happen one day to the next! I do believe we are in the tribulation and that time is short. More on that in a later post, maybe today. In the meantime blessings to you all.

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