Russia and Ukraine Updates and Did Bill Gates Release Malaria Mosquitos?

All of that and more are in today’s video report.

Russia Psyop?

Rocket Attack Kramatorsk

US Treasury Sanctions Wagner

Michigan House Passes Hate Crime Bill

Bill Gates Mosquitos

New Malaria Cases USA

Bitchute Video

Rumble Video

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One comment

  • This Russian Thing is a Play On the Mind
    If there was a Real War and Russia Wanted to Win it,…. It would have been Over a year ago!
    Actually within a Week!! Of beginning …
    Brother, I believe everything going On in the world 🌍 is Control!!
    Literally Everything…
    God Doesn’t Exist anymore in this World 🌍
    I Am That I Am …
    This world is So Evil 🙈
    The A.I. is So Evil 🙈
    The Players are Just wanting a Place at the Table!
    Of Thier False God
    I honestly don’t believe People are In Control of Anything anymore…
    They just think they are!!
    That’s the whole Point of Complete Control
    It’s Scary to think about But I honestly believe it!
    Proverbs 3:4-6
    Matthew 7
    Hebrews 11

    Only Hope There is brother 💯
    Love and Prayers always brother 🙏💪
    Solder On brother 💪🙏

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