Electro culture and Primary Water

Here are 2 subjects that I guarantee you were never taught about in the public schools of America, electro culture and Primary Water. Instead we were taught how to poison and slowly kill ourselves, all in the name of “progress”.

Once again whenever the government and the mainstream media tell you something the opposite is ALWAYS the truth. All of these things are kept from us because of the LOVE of money. It truly is the root of all evil.

Here is one of many testimonial videos I’ve seen about this on YouTube. This technique really works and I’m going to try it on my plants as soon as I can get some copper!

Once again we’ve been lied to about everything. As always research these subjects for yourselves and then put the knowledge to use! Blessings to you, prayed up and prepped up!

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One comment

  • at first without watching this, , just thought more yuppie, expensive crap., but, worth a try,, of course minus all the dumb as you know what, tards, in this video with there new age satanic crap., ok it just need to work, , and , trees ect, with , like copper trace minerals, brass even? hmmn., yeah, so, , but we must make sure, like say you have burned, copper wire, in a burn barrel, or pit, retrieve it, them meticulously clean the living crap, out of it, maybe with soaking in pure vinegar> white?, , , , and ya have 2 kinda copper wire, forever, no. 1 and no 2, one is the solid kind i beleive, , then no. 2, the copper strand, found in like most appliance cords., , , , this is all very interesting, , , regaurdless of the modern young dopes,,, , , , , hmmn.

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